Monday, April 26, 2010


  [ig-zoo-ber-un ns]
1.   Also, ex-u-ber-an-cy.  the state of being exuberant.*

I recently purchased a pair of earrings for an amount that I consider quite high for earrings.  The amount really isn't important, but its an amount that usually takes quite a bit of rationalization for me to pay this amount for something so small.  

The reason I purchased them?  The story the artist told me.  He made them personal, and I couldn't pass that up. 

I was really just window shopping and didn't intend to purchase anything.  But when I stopped at this booth, some of the earrings on display caught my eye.  So I picked up a pair and looked a bit closer.  Then I looked at the price tag. And I put them back.  Continuing to browse the booth, I noticed another pair.  And noticed the same price.  On the 3rd pair, I didn't pick them up.  Having seen the proprietor of the booth notice me, I didn't want to think he was making a sale, when I really didn't intend to buy anything at all.  

But he was watching carefully.  He saw that the three pairs of earrings were basically the same design.  These earrings aren't all that large, maybe 3/4" long, so the design on them isn't extremely well defined from a distance.  But I picked the same design all three times.  Having seen this, the proprietor came from behind the booth, picked up the original pair and proceeded to tell me the story of the creation of the design.  He showed me the symbolism portrayed when the earrings are hanging and the alternate symbolism when they are laying flat.  He told me that the name of this design was, 'Exuberance.'  Then he put the earrings back and went back behind the booth.

That's all.  He didn't talk about price.  He didn't make me a deal.  He didn't pressure me.  He just told me a story--a story of what this design meant to him, the artist.

I purchased the original pair that had caught my eye.  And every time I wear them I experience a little bit of 'Exuberance.'  I feel:
  [ig-zoo-ber-uh nt]
1.     effusively and almost uninhibitedly enthusiastic; lavishly abundant: an exuberant welcome for the hero.
2.     abounding in vitality; extremely joyful and vigorous.
3.     extremely good; overflowing; plentiful: exuberant health.
4.     profuse in growth or production; luxuriant; superabundant: exuberant vegetation.*

* from

When I grow up, I want to be able to sell like that!

...and, yes I wore those earrings today.

Friday, April 23, 2010 Ask The Experts (see our advice below)

In honor of Earth Day we asked our Ask the Experts panel to share some of their favorite tips and suggestions for Green Weddings.

Thea of Rose of Sharon Event Florist in Fayetville, Arkansas says:
My favorite practice that I've seen recently is to re-purpose the florals after the wedding.  By collecting the flowers and donating them to a hospital or live-in care facility rather than throwing them away, arrangements can be enjoyed for the full life span of the flowers, residents of these facilities get to enjoy fresh flowers, and the bride & groom get a little more value from this perishable product.  (Plus the florist doesn't have to throw away HOURS of hard work!).

Monday, April 19, 2010

March 2010 Creations

Here it is already mid-April and I'm just now getting March photos up.  Enjoy...

Monday, April 12, 2010

Five Things You Want Most From Your Florist

Actually, I'm hoping you'll tell me the 5 things YOU want from your florist.

When I started this business 12 years ago, I knew one thing for sure: I didn't want to be a traditional florist.  To me that meant carrying items like balloons and stuffed animals, having a set schedule, stocking a cooler full of flowers and trying to sell them before they expired, and most of all relying on daily deliveries as my main source of income.  I wanted to focus on events--specifically on weddings.

Over the years, I've stayed pretty true to that vision.  I work by appointment; I stock flowers based on orders placed; I don't have any gift items for sales or any balloons; and my main source of income is from weddings and other events.

It hasn't been easy to do this.  I constantly worry that I'm not offering what my customers want.  I wonder if I should market more for small delivery orders.  I struggle to stay true to my vision.

So I decided to ask you, my readers, clients, friends: What do YOU want from a florist?  I thought about setting up a poll, and then decided that I'd rather hear directly from you.  So, if you don't mind, and if you would be so kind, please comment and let me know...

What do you (personally) want to see from your very favorite florist? 

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Prom Time!

At least 2 local schools (St. Paul High & Farmington High) are hosting their Proms this weekend, one (Fayetteville High) is hosting Prom next weekend, and one (Greenland High) the week after that.

Check out some of the things we can create for you...

For a custom design, place your order as soon as possible.
Corsage Order Form
Boutonniere Order Form
Or call 479.973.0588

We're giving back!  To help local schools raise money for various programs, were donating 10% of all prom orders back to the schools.  Use the following codes to help your school earn money.

Participating Schools:
St. Paul  use code STPL10PROM
Farmington use code FARM10PROM
Fayetteville use code FAY10PROM
Greenland use code GRE10PROM

Pass it on...if you know someone in one of these schools be sure to let them know about this program!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Why Are Corsages So Dang Expensive, Anyway?!?

Well, when you think about it, there's quite a bit involved in a corsage. (And in boutonniere or any other floral design for that matter.  But for this post, we're just going to concentrate on corsages.)

First we have to coordinate the design to you (or your date's) dress style, dress color, and personality.  It really wouldn't do for the outgoing girl wearing the latest designer dress to have a traditional corsage with miniature roses and baby's breath, or for the vintage-wearing artistic girl to have a contemporary arm cuff with minimal florals.  So part of our job is to delve into the mind of the person ordering and to determine which floral art piece best goes with which girl.  Dress / personality style is just the beginning.  We also look at dress color, jewelery color (our silver arm cuff may not match your bronze choker and coordinating stilettos), type of flowers, and of course, budget.

Second, we don't make your grandmother's corsage!  We're creating floral jewelry, complete with a keepsake bracelet (no more elastic wristlets).  We also don't make cookie-cutter corsages.  Each piece created is unique, just as each flower is unique.

And then there's the technical aspects: materials, time, and skill. Yes, each of these comes with a price tag. We won't lie about that.  Each corsage physically contains some or all of the following materials: ribbons of various sizes and materials (sheer, single face satin, double face satin, picot, etc.), wire, tape, glue, crystal accents, pearl accents, decorative wire(s), elastic band or keepsake bracelet,  permanent foliage, fresh foliage, and of course FLOWERS.

Then, to make a well constructed corsage takes time--both when making the specific corsage and training time and practice time to master the techniques. Which translates to skill.  Making a well constructed corsage is not something you get right the first time!   It takes practice (i.e.time).  So part of your cost is for the time it takes to make your corsage.

Finally, the creative aspect.  The non-physical part where I know this piece fits here and not there.  Part of this comes from training, part from practice, and part from having the artistic 'eye' for flowers.  I can make a pretty good chicken pot pie but I'm not a chef.   I can take an OK photo, but I'm not a photographer.  I just don't have the eye (or taste bud) that turns my cooking or my photography into ART.  Yes, a portion of your cost is for my artistic ability.

Can corsages be expensive?  Sure they can--if you're only looking at the price tag.  But what you end up with is well worth it: a personalized floral creation unique to you.  Styling, individual design, materials, time, skill, and art--whether a gift from your date or the final accessory you've picked to compliment your ensemble, what better way to complete your (often) first formal event?