Monday, June 14, 2010

Locally Grown Flowers

It's been a crazy-busy couple of weeks.  I was supposed to post this last week because it tied in with a wedding we were working on for Saturday.  The bride came to us wanting her bouquet and a few other items and was planning on using flowers from the farmer's market and friends and family for reception decor.  This is a request we get fairly often.  Truthfully, I don't mind this.  Sometimes this request is made because the client's goal is to save money (more on the true cost of DIY in other posts),  sometimes it's to get a certain look (usually a more 'natural' or less structured look), and sometimes the goal is to be Eco-friendly.  With all these goals, the Farmer's Market is a natural place to turn.  And there are some truly beautiful flowers at our local market.  

Knowing this, and having some similar goals we've been working with some of the vendors from the Fayetteville Farmer's Market to provide a list of locally grown flowers and the time's that they are generally available.  As the list changes, we'll post updates.

We'll also add photos as we can  (you can also google these for images).  

Oh, and the bride that started this post, well after discussing the time her friends and family would have to spend away from festivities, she decided to hire us for the reception flowers as well.  And, yes, we still used the flowers she'd originally picked from the Market.  

Peonies and Seeded Eucalyptus.  We ordered these items because we are currently past the Peony season locally.


These 3 were a mix of local and non-local flowers, including herbs.

These flowers came exclusively from the Fayetteville Farmer's Market.  Using vases provided by the venue and local flowers, we worked with the bride to create the wedding she wanted. (ASIATIC LILIES, DIANTHUS, BACHELOR'S BUTTONS, and a few others.)

And I have to say, this was one of my favorite weddings this year.  A beautiful and fun bride, her wonderful mother, flowers I don't usually get to work with, and some great local vendors (The Garden Room and Dripping Springs Gardens)! 

Going Green With Local Flowers 
Below is a list of  the flowers available specific to the Northwest Arkansas growing seasons.  While this list comes from our local growers, it does not guarantee availability of the specific flowers or specific colors.  Due to the many factors (such as weather) affecting the growing season, a specific flower may be available earlier or later than indicated, in limited quantities, or only in specific colors.   It must be noted, however, that while choosing local is the greenest option, it does limit the availability of your choices.  But if having an earth-friendly event is important to you, we will work closely with you to ensure that your locally grown event flowers reflect the vision you have for your big day!






Feel free to ask us about specific flowers you love...we'll research the availability and get back to you.  Or just leave a comment.   

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Not Your Typical Bridal Blog: Offbeat Bride

To keep up with wedding trends, I often surf wedding blogs, generally being overwhelmed by information, ideas, photos, ideas, colors, ideas, and so on.   I can only imagine how a bride feels!  Sign up for one thing and you're quickly drowning in wedding STUFF!  It's enough to make you dread wedding planning.

Recently, however, I came across this site: OFFBEAT BRIDE.  I like it because it gives some great ideas for ways to personalize your wedding.  I mean really personalize it.  We're not just talking about color choices or whether you should have chair covers or just bows here, but non-white dresses; themed weddings; and really unique touches to make your wedding about you!  

From their site...
Image from

If Offbeat Bride's ethos had to be boiled down, it would be this:

  • We aim to provide positive encouragement to couples who are trying to retain their identities through the drama and pressure of wedding planning.
  • We believe that no two weddings need to look the same, because no two couples are alike.
  • We believe that your wedding isn't a contest — there's nothing to prove except for that you love your partner.
  • We love really awesome photography.
  • We want to prove that online wedding planning communities don't have to be snarky, bitchy places where women decree each other tacky.
  • We support couples all along the nontraditional spectrum — from beautiful hardcore freaks & geeks all the way to what we affectionately call "Offbeat Lite." Your wedding should be a reflection of YOU, not other people's expectations or tastes — that includes us!

NOTE: some adult language used

Check out the site...then call me when you're ready for some offbeat flowers.