Monday, June 25, 2012

Flower of the Month: June - Rose

The past few weeks we have shown how roses can be used in bouquets, centerpieces, and boutonnieres. As a final farewell to June and the Rose, we want to show you a variety of ways that roses can be used in other parts of your event.

Enjoy the pictures, take inspiration, and check back with us to find out next month's flower! 

Card box with Rose accent

Rose petals used as pew accent.

Photos provided by: the Hudsons & Rose of Sharon

Monday, June 18, 2012

Flower of the Month: June - Rose

Over the past two weeks, we have shown some of our favorite designs for bouquets and centerpieces. And this week we are going to showcase boutonnieres and corsages. Traditionally, body flowers (flowers worn to show a person's significance) have been a nod towards the bridal bouquet or towards the color of clothing worn at the event. However, gone is that tradition! Boutonnieres and corsages have been upgraded to small pieces of art with as much importance as the other flowers in the wedding!

We hope you love these beautiful pieces of art as much as we have loved creating them!!

Photos provided by: The Hudson's

Thursday, June 14, 2012

True Love Tuesday: Courtney & Dylan - June 9

Elegance. That was Courtney's idea for her big day. She wanted shades of red and pink and LOTS of roses. To ensure that the red and pink stood out, she decided to go with white and brown as a backdrop.

For her bouquet she wanted something that stood out, so to create something especially lush for her we chose a variety of roses in shades of pink and red and added a few tulips to provide some extra texture.

For the attendants, we created white bouquets out of Roses and Wax flowers with Scabiosa  Pods for an added texture.
The corsages and boutonnieres were all about texture. The corsages were white Spray roses with Wax Flowers wrapped in a brown satin ribbon. The boutonnieres were Scabiosa Pods, Curly Willow, and Ruscus leaves wrapped with a bronze wire.

Each mother had a different corsage made from the same roses as the bride carried. 
Isn't her bouquet stunning. The different textures of each variety of rose really makes the bouquet special. (Piano Roses, Hearts Roses, Tulips, and David Austen Roses)
The centerpiece we created for her head table with matching roses from her bouquet. 
Thanks to Details Weddings & Events for this great picture of the centerpiece we created using all of her roses.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Flower of the Month: June - Rose

Last week, we showed you beautiful options for bridal bouquets made with Roses. This week we want to show you some of our favorite centerpiece designs using roses.

Hope you enjoy and be sure to follow our Pinterest page for more ideas and inspirations!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Prom 2012

This cute couple wore a coordinating corsage and boutonniere.

Ahh. Prom is complete! Every year the hustle and bustle of prom takes over the shop. Our tables were full of beautiful flowers just waiting to be wired, taped, and turned into a beautiful creation for the our young lads and ladies to wear. This year the theme was originality, long gone are the days of roses and coordinating ribbons, corsages and boutonnieres are now fashion pieces that are almost as important as the dress/tux that is worn.

Here are a few of our TOP favorites, and believe me - it was tough to choose just a few.

Boutonniere composed of Button Mums and Carnations. 

Corsage composed of Phalenapolis Orchid painted gold  and Stephanodis.

Matching Clutch and Corsage composed of Roses,  Hyacinth and  Baby's Breath.
Custom clutch designed by Eileen Jennings.

Ring composed of Spray Rose and rhinestones.

Corsage composed of blue tinted Dendrobium Orchids. 

Boutonniere composed of Bear Grass and Button Mum with custom wire art background.

Boutonniere composed of Bear Grass, Dendrobium Orchid, and tinted Pittisporum. 

Flower of the Month Monday: June - Rose

Everyone knows that each month has a different birthstone, but did you know that every month also has a Flower? By far one of the best known flowers is the Rose, and it is also the month of June's flower. So, in honor of this great flower we are going to showcase different ways a Rose can be used in your event. This week is for all of our fabulous June brides, and their gorgeous bouquets.


Hand tied blush pink rose bouquet.

A Vision in Lilac

Ashley's request: a beautiful bouquet in shades of purple incorporating sprigs of Lilac. I was so happy with how this bouquet and coordinating flowers turned out, and it's always nice to make a bride's dream come true. The burst of color from the Lilac with pops of white from the orchids is a personal favorite!

Here is a glimpse of her lovely flowers.

Her bouquet was composed of Dendrobium Orchids, Roses, and Lilac.

The corsages and boutonnieres were combinations of Gardenias,  Delphinium, Limonium, and Lilac.

The bridal party carried a bouquet of Hydrangea and Limonium.