Tuesday, July 24, 2012

True Love Tuesday: Kayla & Will - Revisited

Kayla and Will were married on May 12 in a delightfully sweet garden wedding! Last week, we found out that our lovely bride was featured on The Wedding Post of Arkansas!!!

We are so excited for Kayla and Will and wanted to share a few more of her floral details from that day!

Thanks to Kathryn McGill Photography for being so great and sharing all of her detail shots with us!


The groom's boutonniere.

Is the simplicity of this bouquet not amazing? The touch of lace around the stems was the perfect finishing touch.
We can't get enough of this bouquet!
We love creating hairpieces, and this one was especially sweet.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy Birthday, Farron!!

Happy Birthday, Farron!!
Can you believe what a busy week we have had with celebrations?! This is the last birthday for the week, and even though we are busy preparing for a busy weekend we couldn't go without making a special post for Farron. Her favorite design: contemporary with an avant garde twist! 

Farron's current obsession is Billy Balls! Isn't this fabulous! Thanks to Avant Garde Floral Design!

Pink Dutch Vanda Orchids with a mix of grasses.  Thanks to Floral Rush!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Happy Birthday, Althea!

Happy Birthday, Althea!!

Today, is our fearless leader's birthday! In honor of her special day, we have not only closed the shop, but are dedicating this post to her favorite design: Mono botanical! The use of one flower in a design. Maybe it will become your favorite, too!


Mono Botanical arrangements grouped together to create a stunning look! Thanks Jennifer Joyce.

Isn't this stunning?!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Birthday Week!

It's Birthday Week!!

As we mentioned last week, there are two birthday's in our shop this week -- Althea's and Farron's. Of course, we love birthdays because it's another excuse for us to get flowers, but what's even better is that we get to have the arrangement of our choice using our favorite flowers! However, we don't stop at a bouquet of flowers that's placed in a vase. We want a CENTERPIECE! Something that we can use during our birthday party (because you are never to old to have a birthday party), and still have during the weeks to come. Something that is a great representation of our personality and the celebration of another year.

Unfortunately, the market for birthday flowers has greatly drooped, and our saddest regret is when someone falls victim to a mass-produced bouquet. Granted, life happens and sometimes we forget to plan ahead until the day of, but that doesn't mean you can't still have great flowers on your special day. Many florists (including us) have extra flowers from past events that we can create into something great for you or your loved one last minute, and we can even deliver if given enough notice. Or you can call months ahead and order your arrangement and the shop will take care of everything come the day of. 

So, as you are planning your party, or someone else's, keep in mind that flowers can add that final touch to your event and are something that you can custom create to reflect your personality or their's! And because we simply can't have a post without showing you some great floral are a few of our favorites for you!

For the person who loves red and white! The great thing about this arrangement is it can be clustered together or stand on it's own! Image from Corea Sotropa.

This is a great birthday arrangement for someone wanting something glam and PINK! Thanks to Gigi Noelle Events.
This is a great birthday example for someone who loves all this vintage! Thanks to Rose of Sharon and  Rachel Blackwell. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Red, White, and BLOOMS!!!

Happy Independence Day!

Even though the shop is closed on Wednesday, it doesn't mean that flowers aren't far from our mind! Many of us are so wrapped up in food, friends, family, and fireworks we forget flowers can bring that special touch to our 4th of July celebrations! In preparation of our own celebrations, we have gathered a few ideas to use as inspiration, and have included some of our past work that can easily be updated to fit your special occasion!

Enjoy the pictures and have a great Holiday!!! Happy Independence Day, America!

A mix of Carnations, Alstroemeria Lilies, and Hydrangeas.

Stargazer Lilies, Dahlias, Roses and Tulips make this red and white arrangement  make a perfect combination for an elegant Fourth of July celebration.

An example on how to keep the colors festive, but showcasing how individual flowers come in  beautiful natural shades. Thanks to Rebecca Shepherd!

A personal favorite! We love how all of these flowers add natural colors, and loads of texture to a holiday table. Doesn't it look like it was picked from your grandma's back yard! Thanks to Meghan Guthrie!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Flower of the Month Monday

Flower of the Month: July – Larkspur

A field full of Larkspur.

It’s birthday month here at the shop! We are celebrating two birthday’s this month, Althea’s on the 12th and Farron’s on the 13th, which makes this month’s flower even more special!

This month we are celebrating everything Larkspur! The Larkspur (or Delphinium) is a gorgeous flower that is one of the more popular “cut flowers” in the event world. It can create height and dimension in a centerpiece and give depth to a bouquet.

Colors of the flower vary and can include purple, blue, red, yellow and white. The petals grow together forming a spur at the end and giving the flower its name, Larkspur. The Larkspur starts blooming in the spring and into late summer making this a great flower for any spring/summer event!

As always, we have picked through our masses of pictures to bring you a sampling of how to use this gorgeous flower! We hope you enjoy looking and take inspiration from what beauty a simple flower can make. 

Larkspur makes this traditional bouquet come to life with added height taking traditional to custom.

Larkspur mixed in to add dimension.

Larkspur (Delphinium) with Curly Willow can make a great bouquet full of texture.